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Oil and Acrylic

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Acrylic Pour a Flower - Pam Griner - Wednesday, October 21, 12:30 - 2:00  $25/$26/$28
This will be a fun class learning to paint a flower using an interesting acrylic pouring method.  Each student will have the opportunity to paint two flowers on an 8 x 8 canvas.  All supplies included except gloves and an apron.
Holly Jolly Holiday Painting - Pam Griner
Wednesday, November 18, 12:30 - 2:30   $15.00 (no discounts)
Join other artists for a fun afternoon of snacks and painting.  ​Each student will paint two 4 x 4 canvas paintings with a holiday theme.  There will be samples to copy - or bring your own idea.  This is always a fun annual event.

These make a beautiful and unique decoration for your tree or as a special gift.  All supplies included.

Here Comes the Sun - Flower Pour by Amanda Johnson
Bloomin' - Flower Pour by Pam Johnson Griner

​Impressionist Landscape Land & Sea - Courtney Herndon
Thursday and Friday, January 26, 27, - 10:00-3:30 $87/$98/$108
 I will demo creeks and ponds in the landscape each day. My “style” is loose and painterly, big brushes, some knife work, and soft edges. We will use photographs but not be glued to what’s in the picture, choosing a pleasing composition and colors we thoughtfully mix ourselves to be effective. Color mixing is part of the class, as well as thoughts on values. I hope you will join me as we lose ourselves in two days of painting the beautiful countryside.

Beginner’s Acrylic Pouring - Meredith Markfield – Wednesday, February 1, 11:30-2:30 $39/$42/$46
This class is an introduction to basic acrylic pouring. Students will learn to mix the paints with flow medium to the proper consistency. They will observe demonstrations of both a “dirty pour flip cup” and a “bottle bottom” pour. Then students will each create their own two paintings.
Most supplies included.

Introduction to Oils for Beginners - Linda Bruening – Thursday and Friday, February 9, 10,
9:30-3:30 $111/$123/$135 
This class will cover the basic information for learning to work with oils and give you confidence to continue to paint in this medium. The student will learn about oil paints; types of brushes and how they are used; types of painting surfaces; and the dialogue of painting. The lessons in color study will include properties of color and how to use; how to mix colors to achieve success; and how the choice of color affects your painting. The student will be completing a series of exercises not a completed painting. Supplies provided. Beginner (1 hour lunch break)

Using Cold Wax Medium with Oils to Paint Abstracts and Abstracted Landscapes
Jude Winkley - Saturday, February 18, 9:30-3:30 $68/$75/$81
An opportunity to experiment with Cold Wax Medium with your oil paints. This class will cover characteristics and uses of cold wax, through the creation of two paintings: one abstract and one abstracted landscape. Some discussion of composition and pricing. While some experience in oil painting is recommended, it is not necessary. While I recommend you supply your own paints, I do have some oil colors available for your use. Not all the colors you desire may be available. Cold Wax Medium will be supplied. 

Next Step-Oil Painting - Linda Bruening - Monday and Tuesday, February 27, 28, 9:30-3:30 $96/$108/$120  
After the student has achieved a basic understanding of color and tools used for oil painting, then in The Next Step class, the student is ready to explore the techniques of underpainting, alla prima, and impasto. The Next Step class will involve developing a knowledge of basic composition using the elements and principles of design. You will learn methods for applying the paint using brushes and other tools to make marks. A continuation of the study of color, projection of depth, and the development of perspective is important. The student will be creating a series of exercises and at least one painting. Prerequisite: Introduction to Oils or a basic knowledge of oil paints. Students provide most supplies. Beginner/Intermediate (1 hour lunch break)

Discovering Acrylics – Beth Ybarra - Monday and Tuesday, March 20, 21, 2023 9:00-1:00 $87/$96/$106
Working with a very limited palette, you will learn to mix an amazing range of colors, how to set up your palette, and the basics of working with acrylics. We will also have a short discussion about color theory. Paint, brushes, gesso and palette paper will be provided. Beginner

Beginner’s Acrylic Pouring - Meredith Markfield – Friday, March 24, 11:30-2:30 $39/$42/$46
This class is an introduction to basic acrylic pouring. Students will learn to mix the paints with flow medium to the proper consistency. They will observe demonstrations of both a “dirty pour flip cup” and a “bottle bottom” pour. Then students will each create their own two paintings.
Most supplies included.

Explore Abstraction - Linda Bruening – Tuesday and Wednesday, March 28, 29, 9:30-3:30 $106/$120/$132  
Do you wonder…”What is it?” Do you say…”I can do that.” Join this class and learn the history of the abstract art movements and learn how to work with this approach to art. Manipulate the elements of line, shape, and color while composing with rhythm, contrast, variation, and balance as you create a new work. In this class we push away the rules to create new ideas and free our inner self’s imagination. Realism and representation are nowhere to be found. All levels.

Paint Like Chardin – Harry Neely – Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, April 3, 4, 5, 10:00-1:00 $93/$104/$115 
In this class you can explore the craft of painting – painting like Chardin. You’ll mass in shapes and wipe the shapes without drawing just like Chardin and explore his use of broken color. You will see what colors he used and how he made them glow. You will have time to practice these tips and put them to use in your class paintings. Join us for 3 days of exploration and fun.  Artists can make things that are beautiful and the ones who pause to perceive beauty. You are the ones who can push back disorder and create order. You are the ones who can create meaning. And, in fact, artists are the only ones that we know of that can do any of these things.

Next Step Acrylic Pouring - Meredith Markfield - Wednesday, April 19, 12:00-2:00 $23/$25/$27
This class will explore new techniques in acrylic pouring, the balloon kiss and the string or chain pull. The balloon kiss creates simple yet elegant pansy like flowers. The string or chain pull creates beautiful lily-like flowers or geometric patterns (at the student’s discretion). Students will watch a demonstration of each technique before painting their own. Each student will make 2 paintings. Be sure to wear old clothing and an apron! Prerequisite: Beginner’s Acrylic Pouring.