Meet A Few of the Artists
The Artist League of the Sandhills has over 150 Members including 35 Studio Members.

Betty Hendrix is a founding member of the Artists League.  Betty has had her works juried into over 75 National and International Exhibitions around the country and online. In 2010 she was awarded signature status in the Colored Pencil Society of America. She has had several solo exhibitions and two-artist shows in North Carolina. In 2009 she received an Honorable Mention Award from Artist’s Magazine in their national online competition in the Drawing Category. Her main mediums are colored pencil and pastel, but she also enjoys watercolor, ink drawing, and scratchboard. She is an invited member of Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers Society of Washington DC and a member of the Pastel Society of North Carolina. Check out her website for more information. www.BettyHendrix.

Betty's artwork may be found in Studio #10
Betty Hendrix
Tommy McDonell grew up outside of Detroit Michigan and was always fascinated by art. Teachers, however, were not fascinated by her work. She drew and painted spontaneously. More than 30 years later she saw an ad in NYC for a watercolor class and took it. She was hooked.

After moving to Pinehurst, NC, a watercolor of hers won honorable mention at the Campbell House in the summer of 2009. She later tried alcohol inks which allowed her freedom. Tommy believes her paintings show people how to live and dream for the moment. Her work can be seen at The Artists League of the Sandhills, the Campbell House, and at the Dutch Art Gallery in Dallas, TX. 
Tommy McDonell
Linda Bruening, an accomplished oil painter, works with landscape and still life subjects with a focus on portraying unique perspectives, subjects, or angles. Her contemporary painting approach includes the use of glazes, drips, splashes, palette knives, rollers, and brushes.

Linda's artwork may be found in Studio #5

Oils are the medium of choice for local artist and studio member Catherine Church. She finds great delight in painting portraits of children and pets from photos of her subjects in various daily activities. Information about commission pricing can be found in her studio at the Artists League.

Catherine's artwork may be found in Studio #26
Catherine Church
Catherine Church
Linda Bruening

Courtney Herndon
Courtney Herndon has a passion for painting landscapes. She paints in oils and with more emotion and feeling than technical structure. Be it the countryside, gardens, or water, she shares her love of the land with an impressionistic style. 
 A past president of the Artists League, Courtney has displayed in many solo and group exhibits. She is always happy to talk with collectors and others who enjoy art or painting.

Courtney's artwork may be found in Studio #4

Jude Winkley
Jude Winkley has been painting with the Artists League since 2006. She paints landscapes and abstracts primarily in oils, often using Cold Wax Medium. She particularly enjoys painting with knife or silicon bowl scraper and has been teaching classes at the League using both with Cold Wax Medium. Her paintings have been awarded Honorable Mentions locally, as well as Best of Show for her oil “Coast of Maine” at the Artists League.

Shown: "Golden Aura"  

Jude's artwork may be found in Studio #22

Charlotte Cable enjoys painting with oils on canvas and tends to favor animals and people in her art work. Landscapes and water scenes are also high on her list and many times these feature familiar locations or places with fond, personal memories. “Actually, I mainly paint subjects that appeal to me or maybe even have a story behind them — It is always a bonus if someone else likes what I’ve done so I can tell them the back story.”

Charlotte's artwork may be found in Studio #32

Charlotte Cable

Kathy Petz joined the Artists League shortly after relocating to NC from MI about three years ago. She works primarily with oil and pastel, although enjoys working with other mediums. Kathy loves nature and so enjoys painting animals and landscape scenes. She has done several commissioned pieces and has works in private collections in several U.S. states. Kathy is also a member of the Arts Council of Moore County.

Shown: Don't Fence Me In

Kathy's artwork may be found in Studio #16
Kathy Petz

Dan Conrad has been drawing from an early age and completed his first oil painting at age 12. In addition to oil, creativity has been expressed in: watercolor, colored pencil, pen & ink and pencil. Dan’s “visions” have found their way to portraits, landscapes, still life, caricatures, and recently, “anthropomorphic”… giving human qualities to non-human creatures.

To get a glimpse, visit Dan’s website:

Dan Conrad

Artist Laureen Kirk likes a variety of subject matter that includes still life, figures and the beauty found in nature. She paints the things around her and is constantly looking for subjects of interest that combine her strong sense of color, light and value contrast. Kirk works in drawing and painting with oil, acrylic and watercolor. She also teaches a variety of classes in drawing and painting at the Artist's League.

Laureen Kirk's artwork may be found in Studio #7
Laureen Kirk

Meredith Markfield spent thirty years teaching middle school English on Long Island. She later retired to Florida where she developed an interest in painting. 
She moved to Pinehurst in 2017. It was here that she developed her passion for fluid acrylic pouring.
She is a board member of The Artists’ League of the Sandhills in Aberdeen, where she is the New Member Committee chair and teaches occasional classes in Fluid Acrylic Pouring.

Facebook page: Art by Meredith Markfield

Meredith may be found in Studio #30
Meredith Markfield

Pam Clark is a North Carolina transplant from South Texas. She
holds multiple degrees in marine biology, environmental science, and theater.
She renewed her interest in painting when she retired. Pam experiments in all media
but especially enjoy watercolors. She joined the Artist League in 2017 and
hasa studio there.

Pam's artwork may be found in Studio 34

Emma Wilson started painting lessons with a professional artist in the Philippines in 1974. She has been an ALS member since 2007, serving on the Board and many committees. Born in Beaufort NC, she graduated from UNCG. Many of her paintings are influenced by coastal and mountain scenes as well as other areas across NC. Working primarily in oils, some scratchboard and alcohol inks, her focus is mostly landscapes, though some animals and architecture as well. Her oils are traditional and impressionistic, alcohol inks are abstract. She accepts commissions. 

Emma's artwork may be viewed in Studio 27

Pam Clark

Emma Wilson

Deane Billings has been a member of the Artist’s League since 1999 after moving to Pinehurst from Marblehead, Mass. Her watercolor paintings reflect her love of gardens, flowers, and the New England coast. Deane also has a fascination with animals and paints portraits capturing their personalities and wonderful expressions. 

Deane may be found in Studio #1

Deane Billings

​Pam has been a member of the Artists League since the Army moved her and her husband from Georgia to Moore County in 2011. She is the office manager (and only employee) of the League and says working where she is surrounded by such talent has been inspiring and life changing. Pam has always been creative and enjoys working with different mediums, but is most passionate about the brilliant colors of alcohol ink.  She teaches classes in alcohol ink, encaustic wax, and sometimes cake decorating.

Pam may be found in the League office and in Studio #24

Pam Griner

Janet Garber, a veterinarian, spent her career in biomedical research before moving to the Sandhills in 2001. Semi-retirement offered time to rekindle her interest in art. A member of the Artists League since 2005, Jan began painting animals in watercolor. She has since explored and other media, including oil, pastel, and colored pencil. Animals and landscapes are her primary subjects. 

Jan and her artwork may be found in Studio #23.

Leigh Lassiter joined the Artist League in 2018 after retiring early from a career in the fashion and home textiles industries, in order to more fully pursue her passion for art.
She paints in both oils and pastels, and strives to convey the effects of light in an impressionistic manner in both emotive landscapes and still life images. Her love of nature, gardening and animals is reflected in her artwork.  

Leigh creates in Studio #6

Jan Garber
Leigh Lassiter